Monday, November 3, 1997

What can be the effects of listening to music like Lady Gaga's?

with lines like:

"I wanna take a ride on your disco stick"

"I want your love and i want your revenge, you and me could write a bad romance"
"I want your love, i don't wanna be friends"

"Don't want your money, just want your sex"

What can be the effects of listening to music that sends this kind of message?
Do you think it can turn a "good girl" (or guy) into a slut?
Is this having a very negative impact on young people - or maybe even older people as well?

Just some questions i am pondering.

Answer on What can be the effects of listening to music like Lady Gaga's?

You would have to be a pretty weak willed, and impressionable person to be manipulated by music that is that straightforward that easily. You know what she's there for, at least she's not denying that she's there to be sexual like so many others. Can you remember when Britney Spears first came out? She was selling jail bait, and trying to act all innocent denying it. I mean come on, if you play "hit me baby one more time" backwards it clearly says "sleep with me, I'm not to young" that's gross, she was 16, and dancing around and barely wearing clothes, at least Gaga is an adult. Lady Gaga isn't lying to you, if you don't like it, just switch it. I would be far more concerned about songs like "liquid dreams" and "not that innocent" because they are selling the same thing, while lying about it to your face lol. Hell just look at the Jonas Brothers! Let them spray your kids with their hot white foam, not suggestive at all. I love her songs because they're fun, doesn't mean I'm going to dawn a meat suit and jump some catholic school boys, why? Probably because I have a brain.

Girls... i need some help please?

Girls...i need some help please?
I need you to basically, tell me what you think of me when u see my pics. whats good, whats bad? basically a rating and be honest.

these are two diff. pics so plz look at them both. thx

Answer on Girls... i need some help please?

good looking , confident, just smile more! :)

I have a roman crossword puzzle due and i am having trouble please help!!!?

1. 8 letter word for we know it as Italy.
2. 7 letter word for He controlled the weather.
3. 7 letter word for She married Aeneas.
4. 5 letter word for goddess of spring time.
5. 7 letter word for Lavinia's royal father.
6. 5 letter word for He guarded Romes city gates.
7. 7 letter word for a fleet footed god of trade.
8. 6 letter word for Legendary founder of Romans.
9. 8 letter word for he had 12 loathsome jobs.
10. 6 letter word for said to live beneath Vesuvius.
11. 6 letter word for Ruled by King Latinus.

Thank you so very much. i am not lazy i just have a whole lot of homework. teachers don't want us to have a life outside of their classes.

Answer on I have a roman crossword puzzle due and i am having trouble please help!!!?

I couldn't come up with an answer to the first one, I hope you can make it with letters from everything else...

2 Jupiter
3 Lavinia
4 Flora
5 Latinus
6 Janus
7 Mercury
8 Aeneas - I thought it was romulus too, but it didn't fit. This was the next best I could find, I hope it works in.
9 Hercules
10 Vulcan
11 Latium

Some of the other person's answers were correct but not in the Roman language - they were Greek Gods originally.