Wednesday, February 25, 1998

Who is Gall Prof A Petrilli from Florence, Italy?

I have a marble bust/pedestal sculpture of Petrilli's. I would be very interested in Petrilli's history to better understand why he is a "world renowned" sculptor. I have found several pieces on the i-net, but no other information. Please advise where I can find more info on him and his works of art. Also, info on an italian sculpture appraisals and who I can depend on for accurate info.

Answer on Who is Gall Prof A Petrilli from Florence, Italy?

Hi! Actually, there is quite a bit about him online:
Aristide Petrilli - Professore A. Petrilli, Florence, mid 19th century……
He is listed by the Smithsonian as having
several works at Hearst Castle, San Simeon.…
Professor A. Petrilli (Italian, 19th Century)STELLA POLARE
inscribed (Gall)eriea Prof. A Petrilli Firenze and STELLA POLARE
marble - height 63in. 160cm.
Like Caradossi and Frilli, Petrilli specialized in depicting celestial and ethereal maidens. In Stella Polare Petrilli has carved a single figure classically modled in exquisite detail out of a single block of marble.
50,000 – 70,000 USD Wed 03 May 2000 02:00 PM New York…

I would just contact Sotheby's. Good luck!