Tuesday, March 17, 1998

United States History , Help Please .?

9.) The "Big Three" who met at Teheran and Yalta during WW2 to discuss strategy were the leaders of A.) The United States, Great Britain & The Soviet Union. B.) Germany, Italy & Japan C.) the united states, china & the soviet union.

True/False : the number of civilian employees in the federal gov. decreased during the great depression.

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Ideas for a sugar free diet?

Hi, I have been told that I have too much sugar in my body and need to basically not eat it - I have a major sweet tooth and am very uncreative when it comes to ideas for cooking meals. Could anyone give me some suggestions/ideas/recipes for meals/desserts with no sugar??

Answer on Ideas for a sugar free diet?

msn has some great forums for diets...I did the south beach diet and it worked wonders....it take less than a week to get rid of the sugar cravings...I totally cleaned out my pantry before i started the diet and went to the store with a list of only what i could have...i was determined..and i was amazed at how fast the sugar cravings disappeared...i lost 28 pounds in 2 months...i have only gained back 6 pounds (which i am NOT proud of)...but it was a diet that was easy to stick to...the forums on msn helped me a lot and gave me creative ideas with food....