Saturday, March 21, 1998


my guy friend,Travis keeps doing this to me:
-he's really nice,sweet and caring when he's around my friends, he tells me stories of his family and his doggies.
-out of the blue he was walking with his friend and OUT OF THE BLUE, he waved and smiled at me.
-he was walking up the stairs and i thought that he was talking to me so, i said,"what?" and he's like,"i'm not talking to you" and before he went up to other stairs, he playfully pushed me.
-i was with my friends and he was with his and i could feel these eyes, so i look at him but he turned his head, and them i felt them again and i turned around and we had eye contact.
-i was in his locker room, and OUT OF THE BLUE he said,"hi, stephanie" he never did that before when ever we did pass each other we would just have eye contact.( and he said it in a kinda low voice.)
-then today
he was acting really we rid,everyone(like 7 of us) was on this ONE bench and he was sitting on my friend's lap close to me and then they got up and he sat down he seen me and said,"AHH" and moved to the other bench.
-then there was a teacher who seen us acting up and she came over and she started talking to us and then she told us to stop if the benches broke we wouldn't be getting any new ones and then travis was like,"YEAH STEPHANIE" with a little smirk on his face
-my other guy friend was walking bye so i'm like hey, and he comes by and he gives me the guy high five and i turn my head and travis was looking at me with his mouth WIDE OPEN.
-then today my friend was like,'Travis your my lover"(jokingly) and then travis was like,"
no you 2 are my lovers but stephanie's my true lover...she follows me around" and i'm like,"hey" nad i teasingly punched him in the arm then he smiled.
-he was flirting with our friend,courtney and i was giving him a VERY dirty look and i seen my other buy friend,Brandon so i'm like brandon sit,and i was just talking.. and flirting with him and travis stopped and right at me and i think he was kinda getting jealous:P
-i was talking to my friend and i could seen that travis's eyes were checking me out.
-then today i was hanging by the benches and Travis and his friends were at the other benches and i turned around and Travis turned his head so fast.. so i think he was looking at me.
-then today at lunch i was hanging out with him and my friends and his friends and i asked if he wanted some gum he's like,"yeah" then he takes it and i tryed to get it back and he jokingly yelled out rape and then he was laughing about it then we started fighting over the gum again and he threw it over the railway and he's like,"see what you did, now none of us(focusing on me and him) can have the last piece"
-then today he was talking to his friend at his locker and i went to my locker and Travis was like,"oh your locker is right beside Stephanie....i'll talk to you later then,drake"(i think he was talking about me in a good way cause when ever he talks to his friends he tell everyone in our circle of friends)
-then today(Dec 7) i was walking down the hall with Travis & courtney and courtney stops and talks and we didn't realized and we were just walking at looking at the grad pics and i was like,"i think we lost Courtney" and travis was like,' umm...that's ok" then i'm like,"that's nice travis.. jking" and then we got back to our circle of friends and travis was like,"she followed me here"(talking about me) and started smiling.

** he is 15 & I'M 16 & we are in grade 10**

**when we had our November dance, i was crying and my friend asked travis something and he said to her," i know stephanie likes me but i only like her as a friend.."

and after that thursday night, that morning after he was giving me signs so was he only hiding them?


I think he likes you...despite that comment about liking you as a friend...He probably only said it to throw you off the trail...