Tuesday, March 31, 1998

Employee possibly abusing sick leave?

Where i work we have an employee who a few weeks ago tried to commit suicide because she suffers from depression, and as such she was signed off work for 2 weeks, however since that time, she has been seen out socially, such as meals with friends and pictures on facebook, and i was wondering whether it could be classed as abusing the sick leave on the basis if she is mentally healthy enough to go out with her friends, she should be well enough to return to work.

I was just wondering whether i was being unjustly harsh on this situation or not, and if not ways to possibly approach said employee without outwardly accusing her of abusing it as it would more than likely cause her to deepen into depression as she has done so in the past.

Answer on Employee possibly abusing sick leave?

If she tried to kill herself, chances are her friends are going to drag her out in public to try and make her feel better. Pictures on Facebook do not always tell the whole story. If your family member or friend tried to kill themselves, wouldn't you try to be there and make sure that they aren't alone? Try to get them to have fun and realize what they would be missing out on if they were dead?

I think you are being harsh. Without being close to her outside of work, you can't know whether or not she is really having fun or just being dragged out of the house with a mask of happiness on.