Tuesday, April 14, 1998

How to make first contact?

Hi all,

Here is my dilemma. There is a boy from my school. We haven't been introduced officially. However, we live in the same district, we have a lot of mutual acquantances (although not friends). I have seen him in a lot of places outside and inside school. I think that he should recognize my face as familiar. However, at the time when I had a lot of opportunities to introduce myself I wasn't quite aware that I am interested in him. We are graduating in less than a month. I am desperate to at least make contact with him. I know his facebook. Do you think I should wait for another real life opportunity or would it be normal if I add him as friend and then talk to him online, say something of the sort: Hi, are you the boy whom I saw ..somewhere... ? What is giving me the creeps about that is that he is quite popular, he might just think that I am some kind of a crazy burden who stalks people in facebook. What do you think?

Answer on How to make first contact?

no just add him on facebook