Wednesday, May 27, 1998

What are some weight loss pills that actually work?

I dont want to hear "only diet and exercise" Ive tried it for months..barely ANY results! I need a boost, anyone have a personal experience where it helped them or any advice? (Im 18, if thats relevant)

Answer on What are some weight loss pills that actually work?

If you're looking at taking products, i have seen and heard that ResV Pure (Resveratrol) is highly effective in weight loss and it actually works! Not only does it reduce weight but it has been proven to extend life and prevent cancer. It was aired on Oprah, 60 Minutes and CBS News. Quite popular in the US and backed up by many scientists. The product also contains Acai and green tea.

Not only it keeps you in shape, it allows you to live longer and stay healthy in general. Scientists constantly research and further improve this product, as it is a high demand in the US with high amount of media coverage.

I first saw ResV Pure (the product) here: and found the video on the site quite interesting. I got my free trial bottle and i'm going to see how it goes as i'm quite interested and the fact that it's received so much media coverage, i quite trust this product.

Give it a go and i'm sure it will help you! Claim your free trial, it's RISK FREE!