Monday, June 22, 1998

Backpacking through Europe? where should i go?

ok the main countrys i want to go to are Greece, Italy, Germany, France and Spain(any other sugestions are welcome) but in those countries what are the best cities to visit? for sceanery and night life

Answer on Backpacking through Europe? where should i go?

i would definatly recommend going to eastern europe. Bosnia, Serbia and Bulgaria are amazing. so much cheaper that western europe too. Varna in bulgaria is on the coast and has wicked clubs and bars and is ridiculously cheap.
if you are set on western europe, i would leave it til after september if possible because there is way too many tourists and it is really hard to get in to hostels. the price goes up on everything too!
you can get a boat from south italy in to croatia which has a wicked coast so if your heart is set on italy then this is a trip worth doing.
Have fun what ever you do!!!!