Monday, July 27, 1998

Morning R&P, Have you ever made out with a witch in a coffee truck? (#35)?

Hi Everybody.
Sorry, I missed yesterday but my number was called and I was fulfilling my jury duty requirement. The cool thing was that my wife was called in on the same week as me and they let her come in early so we basically took the day and hung out at the Courthouse. Plus, neither of us got actually called onto a pannel. Yesterday was a really nice day. Anyhoo, like last time I will just do two today to bridge the gap.

Well, here's the top 101, mix tape rules song of the day. Mix tape rules simply means that I only allowed myself one song by each act. I hope you all enjoy it.

First off, here are the recent selections:
45. Delta Spirit - Parade
44. Polvo - Thermal Treasure
43. Fuazi - Place Position
42. Beck - Guess I'm Doing Fine
41. Nick Drake - Things Behind the Sun
40. Brian Wilson - Surf's Up
39. Aimee Mann - It's Not
38. The Silver Jews - The Wild Kindness
37. Billy Joel - Laura
36. Sebadoh - Homemade

For the first selection today we find Sonic Youth finding their home at #35. This is another big song for me, off of a really big record in my musical development. I borrowed Goo from my sister's friend to gear up for Lollapalooza and it turned out to be a record that would really change the way I listened to music and most definitely expanded my awareness of the sounds that were out there. I mean they were doing things I didn't know were possible. The uniqueness of their songs, the sounds they achieve. Sonic Youth is an amazing band, and this song is just such a cool ride. It was the perfect introduction (well my first real introduction to them. long story) to them and remains to this day to be my favorite song by them.

Sonic Youth - Dirty Boots…

So, what did you think? What's your favorite SY tune?

Thanks a lot everybody. I hope your week is going really great.

Also, if you're new to or behind on the list and are curious about what came before all of this, I think I will post the whole list to date with tomorrow's selection.

Answer on Morning R&P, Have you ever made out with a witch in a coffee truck? (#35)?

Sonic Youth is fine I like 'em, but it can just be noise as endearing as it is.

My favourite Sonic Youth song was a cover by the Carpenters - Superstar…