Monday, August 3, 1998

Do i have to switch my 2 year old to Low fat milk?

My daughter recently turned 2 and my health nurse said she should be switched to low fat milk.
I have swapped it over and she wont drink it, she doesnt like cheese so if she wont drink her milk i am struggling to get her 2 serves of dairy into her every day.
She is average weight and taller than average height.
I know that the change is meant to be to reduce fats in her diet but she eats healthy balanced meals, plenty of vegetables, protein and fruit so i am not concerned about her diet and she is by no means a chubby baby she is actually fairly thin (i guess because she is tall as well)

So other than that is it really bad for her to have full cream milk? Or can i just keep her on it for 1 cup of milk a day?

Answer on Do i have to switch my 2 year old to Low fat milk?

I think children should be on full fat milk. Fats (like the ones found in milk) are good for the development of children, and their growth. Whilst we don't want to give them unneccessary fats (eg the ones found in fast foods, etc), you shouldn't be giving them low-fat versions of things such as cheese, custard, milk etc.