Thursday, September 10, 1998

Questions about health and exercise stuff?

Okay, I'm 13, female. I weight 96-97 lbs and I'm about 5'3.

1. How much exercise should I be getting a week? (I run track, but the season's over so I don't know what the minimum is for exercise)
2. How much water should I drink a day?
3. How much should I eat, and what should I eat?
4. Am I a healthy weight right now, or am I on the verge of being overweight?
5. Also, my stomach isn't flat... is that a bad thing?


Answer on Questions about health and exercise stuff?

With a BMI of 17.2, you are greatly underweight. You could gain 43# & still be within normal range for your height.

To figure your water requirements, take weight divide by 2 & that's the amount of water you need in ounces. 97/2= 49ounces of water.

Cut out all sugars & starches. No sodas, juices, cookies, candy, cakes, etc. As healthy as fruit may be, it's natural sugars do not only not promote fat loss, they actually promote fat storage (fructose is the most lipogenic carb).

Make sure half your meals are green non starchy vegs & eat lots of protein & good fats, limit your complex carb portions to no more than your protein portion.

I am adamantly opposed to low calorie dieting because most people lose a good portion of lean tissue (including vital organs like the heart) along with fat stores. There is no nutrition in fat stores, only energy. Most people get impatient and lower their calories and increase their exercise to a point where they lose so much lean tissue that when they return to what was maintenance level eating they are now accumulating more fat stores because their caloric needs have dropped due to the loss of this tissue as well as their metabolism slowing down to work more efficiently on fewer calories & it becomes a vicious cycle of dieting and more loss (including vital organs like the heart). This stress to the vital organs cannot be healthy.