Saturday, October 31, 1998

Trying to eat healthy, and I need some advice and tips?

My parents are not eating healthy, and I wish they were so we didn't always have junk food in the house.
I need healthy lunch ideas, (sandwitches, pitas, wraps) and i think ill bring that with an apple or fruit salad and a granola bar.
I am always the one suggesting veggies and fruit in the grocery store and it can get annoying.
Im starting to keep track of what I eat, and im hoping this will help.
Im not fat, im actually normal weight and my mom is too. my dad is incredibly skinny, like bone skinny and i feel so bad for him.
Im in high school, my friends always have those eco friendly water bottles, and i decided im going to get one, they also have veggies and fruits along with a sandwich in there lunch and then theres me with oreos, chips and a drink. I don't want to completely cut junk food out of my diet just yet, because it will be hard to do, but suggestions would be nice.!


Answer on Trying to eat healthy, and I need some advice and tips?

hey i was like you a few months ago i wanted to start working out but my mom buys to much junk food so heres a few changes i made

switch to brown bread instead off white bread it makes a big difference,chicken or turkey in the sandwich intead of ham, try low fat butter or mayo or watever

drink as much water as you can,not juices they got loads of sugar

fruit for a snack instead of chocolate try get something you like

just make small changes where ever you can
hope i helped ^^