Monday, November 2, 1998

Do users on here actually expect others to believe they lead flawless, exemplary lives?

Example: I once posted about a diet plan I was on and listed what I had eaten that day and then asked if it was reasonable to expect to lose weight eating that way for an extended amount of time. My food for the day included fresh fruit, a Subway veggie sandwich, boiled potatoes, orange juice, powerade, and some popcorn.

I received answers like: "You f*cking moron. I swear people get stupider and stupider by the minute. Good luck losing weight eating popcorn, yeah great diet food."

and: "You really cannot lose weight consuming all of those carbs. Replace the orange juice and powerade for water, substitute the popcorn for carrot sticks, and maybe get rid of the potatoes, too starchy. Subway's a bad idea too--lots of carbs in the bread."

Do these people genuinely expect me to believe that they live off of diets of water, lettuce, and the occasional grape?

I live in the real world where the people around me are constantly visiting fast food drive thrus and going on late night ice cream trips. No one except a near-anorexic high schooler diets by eating carrots and water all day everyday.

Answer on Do users on here actually expect others to believe they lead flawless, exemplary lives?

You asked if you could expect to lose weight that way, not how other people eat. Plus, they were at least partially right, the foods you listed have next to no protein and tons of sugar/carbs. The people who answered you probably expect you to believe that they eat protein and you should, too, which isn't all that far-fetched. Not to mention, it isn't a flawless life you're living if you happen to consume lean proteins and very little sugar, it's just a good idea if you don't want to end up insulin resistant or diabetic. Lots of people live that way healthily without being martyrs.