Tuesday, November 17, 1998

Question for all of the ladies, please help?

I'm asking this because I'm 19, but I've always been single.

I'm 5' 10" and weigh 145 pounds. I have short, black hair. My ears are pierced. I have light brown eyes. I have a tannish skin tone (think like Drake/Jay Sean). Chick flicks are my favorite types of movies. I like all kinds of music. I'm a fan of shopping and I'm pretty detail oriented. I am a huge sports fanatic. I have kind of a deep voice, but I can't really sing. I'm really not into cars or video games, I don't find either of them to be interesting things to talk about or do. I'm not very judgemental. I really love it when people use proper grammar.

I do think about sex a lot just like most guys my age, but I'm still a virgin. I'm very old-school. I want to find someone that I love and am willing to hold onto my virginity until we're married. So I'm more than likely going to be a virgin for a while. Sometimes I can be too nice.

Do I sound like a guy you could date? I've never had a gf before and I really want to change that. Any advice?

Answer on Question for all of the ladies, please help?

You sound like a really sweet guy!
Girls also like guys that are funny, but don't overly change yourself.
I think a girl would have a lot of fun with you since you like shopping and watching chick flicks.
Girls may like to watch suspense/action movies too because then they can be cute :)