Saturday, December 5, 1998

Is Olive Garden Authentic?

Can Anyone from Italy, let me know how you feel? is it even close to your native dishes?

Answer on Is Olive Garden Authentic?

LOL this is so ironic! I went to Italy on 2 separate occasions (Venice, Vicenza, Verona, Rome, Sicily) and now I cant eat OG. There are two main things that are very wrong:

1. TOO much oil. Everything is so greasy and oily and slimy there... bleh!

2. TOO much garlic. Now I loooove garlic, but after going to Italy and coming back... vampires be warned! Simpy too much.

Basically there is too much going on with all their dishes. Too many layers of flavor. Everything in Italy is made with very fresh, fine ingredients. There isnt a need to fancy up everything with all the oils and spices and garlic and all. I guess here they need to mass produce the dishes so the ingredients arent quality (they arent), so there is less flavor from the main ingredient. This leads to the need to amp up the flavor. Thet take good Italian dishes and just eff them up!

If you need a few good, simple Italian recipes, let me know and I will help... I have a ton!