Thursday, December 10, 1998

Why won't she leave me alone?

I just find it funny that she is still "friends" with all her exes who apparently all cheated in her. Have them on her myspace and Facebook. Then we she was with me, she complained how immature they were and she hates them.. So now that we're done, ik moved on and just want nothing to do with her *** because I never cheated or anything I treated her like a queen because I loved her. she cheated and dumped me for another chick. The chick is far away so it's long distance with the skype bullshit.. Cool thing is, she won't leave me alone! She comes up to me talking about being friends and I'm like nope.. So she'll make cheesy indirect statements about me and the things I used to say when we was together and be looking at my profiles (which I blocked her from). She sending me emails trying to make me her friend.. Personally, I think she wants to ease the guilt and have her cake and eat it too. We have mutual friends and they all look at me like I did something wrong. When I see her, she'll ignore me all over her gf but then talk **** about me. Why is she trying to get under my skin so bad? I mean if you're done with me then leave me alone. If she has a problem with me she never do or say anything... Why? Why is she always in my way? Why do she always gotta be friends with her exes if she hates them. how insecure is she really? No matter how hard I stay away she comes behind me.

Answer on Why won't she leave me alone?

Maybe you won't leave her alone?