Friday, December 11, 1998

What should i do?!?!?!?!?! GIRLS?!?!?!?

Ok guys so a girl who used to like me back in middle school nd she now works at a resturant that my dad owns. Now my uncle works there to and told me she asked about me, this was about a month ago. So today I had to get something from my uncle so I went to the returant and she's the first person ibsee and she immediately says hey and gives me. A nice big hug. So we catch up for a bit and I used to work at the same resturant and she's like yeah u should come back and work again it'd be so much fun.

Then she mentioned how she was "in love" with me 7th grade and how she had a hugeeee crush on me. Then I was like "yeah damn I remember that I blew my chance haha". Then she was like yeah lol. So I kinda see that as her saying yea I blew my chance and she's not interested now. (Were both 19 btw). But she might have just been agreeing and laughing at the joke. Then when I had to go she seamed bummed and was wannting me to come back later.

The only thingg that discourages me is once I found out she was workin at my dads resturant I sent her a message on facebook and she never replied. And also I was looking at her wall and she has some statuses that imply she might be interested in someone already or has a boyfriend

Answer on What should i do?!?!?!?!?! GIRLS?!?!?!?

She probably still like you. She was probably laughing along not really meaning it. Never take a facebook status at face value, she could just be flirty in general. I wouldn't worry about the message, maybe she just hasn't gotten around to it.