Tuesday, December 15, 1998

World history experts!!!?

ill be honest, i have this really big world history assignment, its kinda like a practice for a final, theres about 50 questions. i did all of them and got these 12 wrong. 10 pts for the right answers please. thanks in advance

1. Which best describes the political situation in Latin America in 1800?

Roughly half of the region's colonies had gained their independence through revolution.

Most of the region's colonies were ruled by European nations and were ready for independence.

Spain and Portugal were in the process of granting independence to their colonies.

The United States and France were helping prepare Latin America for independence.

2. Who was known as The Liberator because he helped Venezuela, Colombia, Panama, and Ecuador gain their independence?


Francisco de Miranda

Simon Bolivar

Jose de San Martin

3. Who led the Army of the Andes over the Andes Mountains to liberate Chile and also helped Argentina and Peru gain their independence?


Francisco de Miranda

Simon Bolivar

Jose de San Martin

4. The movement for Mexican independence picked up speed when which man gave a speech in Dolores to Indians and mestizos?


Francisco de Miranda

Agustin de Iturbide

Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla

5. Mexico was able to gain its independence from Spain when which group switched sides to the cause of independence?





6. Why did democracy fail in most of Latin America in the decades following colonial independence?

Foreign countries interfered with the new governments.

The populations of most former colonies were mostly illiterate.

The former colonies had no experience with ruling themselves.

Independence movement leaders had no knowledge of democracy.

7. What was the goal of the leaders who met at the Congress of Vienna in 1815?

unify smaller kingdoms and states into a few large nations

create a balance of power in Europe to achieve stability

divide France into several small states to reduce its power

achieve a freely elected government in a unified Italy

8. Which is an example of how growing nationalism resulted in revolution and change in Europe in the 1800s?

Greeks rebelled against their Ottoman rulers.

Russian serfs staged a revolution against the tsar.

France established a constitutional monarchy.

Great Britain imposed limits on its Parliament.

9. Which best describes Russia in the early 1800s?

The tsars had no political power and most Russians owned their own land.

The tsars shared power with the people, though serfdom still remained.

The tsars were in control, though serfdom had largely disappeared.

The tsars were in complete control, and most Russians were serfs.

10. Who organized the Redshirts and helped Italians rebel against their rulers?

Otto von Bismarck

Count di Cavour

Giuseppe Garibaldi

Victor Emmanuel II

11. What were Giuseppe Mazzini's goals?
to unify the Italian states under the rule of a foreign constitutional monarchy
to unify the Italian states under one foreign rule and establish a monarchy
to free the Italian states from foreign rule and establish a monarchy
to unite the Italian states and achieve a freely elected government

12. Who was a Prussian politician who wanted to forge the German states into one nation?

Wilhelm I

Otto von Bismarck

Napoleon III

Giuseppe Mazzini

Answer on World history experts!!!?

Do your own homework.

Also, this should be only one question, not 12 !