Thursday, December 24, 1998

How should be a budget for a 1 week trip to Rome, Italy?

I am planning a trip to Rome, Italy for a week and would be leaving around 26th November. We will like to stay in a good hotel but not a Five star hotel as i know that would take a lot out of the Budget. So i would like to know how much it would cost including Air line ticket, a 3 or 4 Star hotel, eating and going to different places around only Rome as would not like to visit any other town.

Any advice will be helpful. Thanks in advance!

Answer on How should be a budget for a 1 week trip to Rome, Italy?

We are going to Rome so i will give you some of the prices we've worked out.

Hotel: This is obviously going to vary by taste. However a basic 2 or 3 star should not cost more than $110 for a double room per night. There are obviously cheaper and more expensive ones. November is off season, so you can get some good bargain hotels. Look around on the internet. Check the reviews but remember to keep an open mind. Some people won't be happy with a hotel unless it i up to an unattainable american standard. europe works differently, so thing swill be different. For 6 night, that should be about $600 - $800

Airfare: This also is very different. In off season, you can get a fare for as little as $700 return, though it depends where you fly from. Budget around $1000, but it could be more.

Transport: If you only want to see Rome (and probably the Vatican) public transport is good. Budget about $10 - $20, depends how much you use it.

Food: This is a big one, as Italy has so much good food. If you work it right and are good at finding cheap local restaurants, you can go for $30, but budget around $40.

Souvenirs range from cheap to expensive. If you're sight seeing, get the roma pass, its two sights free, and discounts at the rest. You need reservations for the Borghese gallery. For two people for a week, your total trip should not cost more than $4000 for two people.