Thursday, March 4, 1999

Help to get back into shape for Wrestling season?

Hey guys i am a 5'11 and 200 + pound guy, i have some fat buildup around my midsection and thighs, i want to get rid of all that and have a good muscle build, i have a strong upper body but need to work on my core and legs so i can be flexible, quick, and be able to recover quickly if i get down, so i need to have a spring-like leg strength. i literally have an entire year to train, so i need pointers on diet plans, workouts, and weight training, anything will help really. i really want to join this team because they are know for having gone to the state tournaments many times and have a good reputation, so they are strict on try-outs, they need a guy my size, but they want a fit guy, not a lazy blob of fat. ill let you guys vote for the best answer. Thanks!

Answer on Help to get back into shape for Wrestling season?

First off, the absolute best thing you can possibly do for cutting weight is running / swimming. They may sound like really basic things, but trust me, there's no better weight-cutting exercise. Along with that, running is great for your cardio and swimming is great for toning muscle. As for leg exercising, here's a list of great leg workouts:
1) Squats - Place the bar over your neck / shoulder area with weight on it. Place your feet shoulder with apart and bend your knees as far down as you can without falling while keeping your back totally straight. Come back up.
2) Lunges - Position the bar just as you would for squats, but instead of keeping your feet planted, step one forward and bend until your back knee almost touches the floor. Remember to keep your back straight. Alternate your feet so both legs can get a workout.
3) Stairs / Step-ups - This exercise can be done one of two ways. One way is to find a high ledge, (when I do them, I like it to be between one and a half to two feet above the ground.) As fast as you can, step one foot up, then the other; drop one foot, then drop the other. This is NOT jumping! It should feel as if you're running up stairs. The second way is to actually run stairs.
Here are some good exercises for your core:
1) Sit-ups - If you can, get a sit-up assister. It's a little seat-like thing that elevates you from the ground so you can get backwards extension when doing them. It maximizes the results. If not, do regular sit-ups. Also, if you can, hold a weight across your chest when doing them. If you're not holding a weight, hold your hands in front of your face. Don't put them behind your head as many people do.
2) Planks - Get into push-up position, but instead of being on your hands, get on your forearms with your elbows bent at ninety degrees. Hold that for two seconds. Lift your left parallel with the floor. Hold that for two seconds. Do the same with your right. That's one rep.
3) Leg lifts - Very simple exercise: Lie down back-down; while keeping them together, lift your legs about six inches off the ground. Hold that for as long as possible.
4) Floaters - These are similar to leg lifts, but when you get into the position, without bending your knees, motion your legs as if you were running.
Those are the best work-outs to strengthen your legs and core. Now onto diet. Here's a ten-step diet plan for a great wrestler.
Step 1) Switch to skim milk and lots of it. Milk contains high amounts of protein, but a lot of fat and calories. Skim milk, on the other hand, has the same amount of protein, but dramatically less fat and calories. Remember to drink a lot, but not too much or else you'll get sick.
Step 2) Eat a wide variety of lots of fruit. Fruit contains countless vitamins and other nutrients needed in your body, so if you're eating a wide variety of them, you can get all those needed nutrients. Melons, berries, bananas, citrus, apples, et cetera.
Step 3) NO SODA! Drink juice instead! Soda has absolutely no nutritional value whatsoever. That, along with the fact that it is very high in calories and unnatural sugars, soda is a a horrible choice for wrestlers.
Step 4) Eat...baked...potatoes! If I were to type all the great things a baked potato can do for your body, this answer would be a novel! It's unimaginable how good it is for you!
Step 5) Maintain variety. If you're eating the same food every day, you're getting an overabundance of certain nutrients and none of others. Make sure you mix it up.
Step 6) Water is probably the most important thing you need to drink or eat. Staying hydrated is the top-most priority. For an active athlete, it can be very hard to stay hydrated without a conscious effort. Fluid needs can be estimated at 1 milliliter per calorie. So in a 3000 calorie a day diet, an individual would need to three liters of fluid.
Step 7) Whenever you eat eggs, discard the yolk. As delicious as it may be, the yolk contains hardly any of the eggs nutrition, but ALL of it's fat. The white, though, most of the eggs protein and none of it's fat.
Step 8) Fiber is an extremely important part of a good diet. Try and get as much as possible. Make sure to read the nutrition facts and look for 3+ grams per serving.
Step 9) Don't rely entirely on meat for your protein intake. Yes, meat has protein, but there are different kinds of protein! Remember, VARIETY! Find other foods that have protein so you can get all the kinds of protein you need.
Step 10) Just because your match is over, don't let yourself go. Maintain a good diet year-round, and you'll never have to worry.