Tuesday, March 9, 1999

My theory on a WW3, what do you think?

I know this is a sudden and horrid thought to some. But being interested in WW2 and all i was thinking the sides if a third world war did come about, so, i want to tell you the sides allies and axis and you gotta say what you think of them!

Germany (they tried to not get involved one more but ended up joining)
and other parts of europe

arab and asia countries, some not all.

It'll start as a revolt in arab and asia, and then europe trying to prevent it will get involved. Germany doesn't want history to repeat itself so it stays back until france, UK speak up and say they have to pitch in. Asia and arab countries want to have a voting government. those with a voting government don't join in or join with the allys. the allys try and get it fair on both sides but it results in a war!
what do you think? I know its a horrible though but... I just want someone to see if it makes sense or not. so does it?

Answer on My theory on a WW3, what do you think?

It sounds like a basis for war, but not world war. Actually, it's very similar to NATO's (France, Britain, USA, & other EU countries) current attack against Libya.
A world war, in your scenario, would require China and possibly Russia and/or African countries to get involved against the allies, but there doesn't seem to be any motivating factors.