Sunday, May 2, 1999

How do i get out of this?

ok so my mom never understood me. my whole life i noticed that i was the complete opposite of her. she dosent care about me anymore. ever since summer stated she is like this differnt person. this happened to my brother jimmy when he was 14 and he ran away from home for a night and that changed her and she stated to like him again. there is a lot of stress in this house b/c my mom and dad are getting separated. how do i get her to stop and should i just go to my friends house for a week and i cant go to my family b/c i live in usa ny and most of my family is in Italy or Utah.

Answer on How do i get out of this?

After you move out once, the rules are totally different. And just confront her, but be nice about it and tell her what you think and how you feel... Just do a lot of nice things for her since all the stress is prolly taking its toll. You have to give to recieve, do some nice things for her, and maybe shell lighten up and spend some time and be nice to you...