Tuesday, May 25, 1999

Smoothies eating more fruits?

I've been trying to create a better diet for myself for about the past year and have managed to create something that's pretty good that I'm satisfied with except one thing. I still really don't get a lot of fruit in my diet. I'm not a big fan of just eating fruit and was thinking I might do better if I made myself a smoothie of some kind with lunch or dinner. I was hoping for any advice on either a good smoothie recipe that has a good amount of fruits like strawberries/blueberries etc... or other ways of getting fruits in my diet that I may not have thought of...

Answer on Smoothies eating more fruits?

I love smoothies. I usually mix 8 oz of vinalla soymilk, and about 1 vup of sliced fresh fruit, then a cup of ice in the bledner. The fruits I use are
Always - 1 small banana
blue berries
seedless grapes

I don't really like blackberries b/c of the seeds
Mix up 2 or 3 fruits to see what suits your taste buds.
My fav is banana, strawberry, blueberry
and also banana, pear, orange