Sunday, May 30, 1999

Italian girl asks you...?

Hi everyone!
I'm Italian girl, and I've a question to you. According to you, what's the sound of italian languge? I explain: sweet, melodious or do you think we're fighting when we speak? I ask it because my Irish friend said me it seems we're fighting when we speak and I was very surprised!
and another question: what do you think about Italian and especially Italian girls? Have you ever been in Italy? where?

I'm sorry for my english form... good bye (:

Answer on Italian girl asks you...?

I've never spoken to anyone italian before!
I can't speak for everyone else, but i think that the italian accent is the best! I'm a girl, so i hope this doesn't sound creepy, but kind of sexy and fluid - beautiful, don't worry. Both irish and italian Accents are very strong, so it's no wonder you're fighting to be heard - but don't worry :)
I would love to go to Italy, as would most of my friends and italian girls seem lovely. No, i've never been :(
Hope this helped x