Monday, July 19, 1999

How to get a six pack?

Im 19 and i weigh 135lbs and am 5'9 i am currently dieting intaking low calories and carbs a day and i do 400 crunhes a day and 125 leg lifts a day sometimes i do it twice a day aswell as weight minor lifting i have been doing this for 4 months now and i can see a slight change but still cannot seem to get a six pack. can anyone give me any good advice please. Thanx

Answer on How to get a six pack?

Cardio, man. You need to burn lots of fat in order to a your 6-pack to be visible. In order for your ab muscles to show, you need to have really low body fat, so that there's very little covering your stomach. Those 400 crunches will build your ab muscles, but it won't burn the fat away from your gut. That's called spot reduction, and its a myth. And crunches are also bad for burning fat, since they just focus on building muscle.

Instead, you need to try and do some jogging, biking, jumping rope, and other aerobic exercises. The cardio will burn fat a lot better and faster than the weight training. Like I said, those crunches and stuff will definitely build the ab muscles - you just gotta burn off the fat for them to show up.