Friday, July 30, 1999

Why is this girl Obsessed with me ?

A guy tells me hes dating or he said took her to Taco Bell, i dont care.. But i told all the guys how that girl would stalk me,annoy me,etc and wouldn buzz off? But this guy is dating her and im happy thinking she would leave me alone.. But she keeps on stalking me,always trying to flirt with me,etc and isnt that disrespect for that other dude? Shes seriously creeping me out and seems obsessed i left that DEPT. to get away and a few days later she locates me in my new DEPT. staring at me like saying ~u cant escape from me~ whats the deal here? Its like the movie ~OBSESSED~ X 3 WITH CRACK?

Answer on Why is this girl Obsessed with me ?

Ha ha lol, I'm obsessed with a guy too.
I don't mean to upset him but thinkin about it maybe I creep him out ...