Wednesday, September 8, 1999

TEENS: What do you plan to do after High School?

So far, all I have planned is to attend my dream university and study architecture.
(Hopefully graduate with honors!)

Get a job at a prestigious architecture firm and rent my own chic apartment.Ha ha..

I want to travel the world and visit places such as Italy or France, and experience all of the beauty in these cities.

I also want to meet lots of people and go to parties to HOPEFULLY meet that special someone :-)

I'll let life take me on after wards....

How 'bout you guys?


Answer on TEENS: What do you plan to do after High School?

I'd like to go to uni to do medicine, I want to eventually be a paediatric oncologist, I've had leukaemia twice and lost a friend to brain cancer, so I'm passionate about the subject, I want to help kids going through what I went through. I reckon it'll help to have a doctor that can relate

I'm doing a gap year before that though (if I get into uni) because with everything thats happened, I need a break. I'm going to try and get a part time job and save up some money, go on holiday with my mates, and generally have fun for a year, before the real work starts!

In terms of relationships, I've been with my girlfriend almost a year, so who knows what the future holds for us. Eventually I'd like to get married and have kids too