Monday, September 13, 1999

Your opinion on my eating disorder recovery?

Okay, I'm going to do my best to write this in a way where I won't get flagged....I have suffered from an eating disorder (bulimia) for a while know, and I would like to recover. My family already knows, I see a therapist, and I'm starting to get my thoughts, emotions, and most of my life pretty much under control, however, my eating just is not working out. Unless I have a plan, it does not go well. The foods I mainly involve with my eating disorder in a negative way typically have egg or milk products in them. A while back, I attempted recovery through veganism before having gotten help, but i stopped shortly to make life easier for my parents. It actually helped me to control my eating disorder for a while (maybe, say, 6 months?). Obviously I've relapsed, otherwise this post wouldn't be here.

I would now like to ask you for your opinion. Do you think I should propose veganism to my parents to help me become a healthier being? I know a lot of people may think it would do the opposite of helping, but from my previous secret attempt, it seemed to help me.
-It would help me develop a healthier relationship with food
-even though it is like avoiding the problem rather then solving it (avoiding foods that cause problems rather than adapting), and that the majority of people may say "this is a time of exposure and overcoming" for me, I feel as though transitioning into eating all foods rather than full on all the way would work better for me, and that it really will help (because of past)
-I will not permanently stay vegan, it is just temporary to help me develop a healthier relationship with food (unless the actual reason for most people's veganism grows on me). I will slowly accept dairy, egg, and meat products back into my life.
-THIS IS NOT A WEIGHT LOSS DIET! I will plan out my diet including all of the necessary nutrients, take a calcium supplement and vitamin, and will not restrict myself (excluding animal products, lol). True, plenty of vegans are thin, but plenty of vegans also gain weight once becoming vegan.
Sorry for some of the repeat reasons...

So, your opinions? Thank you so much! I am open to any suggestion you have, and I just thought I'd get a few opinions before bringing it up to people I know....

NOTE TO ALL VEGANS: I understand that veganism is a way of life because it is wrong to harm animals, their unborn, etc, but I hope you will understand my situation. I mean no offense to you.

Answer on Your opinion on my eating disorder recovery?

I would be a little worried to do this. At least if I were a person on the outside looking in. I have an eating disorder as well, and I know that if I were to try to go vegan as a way to develop a healthier relationship with food, I'd probably get worse in the long run. What you're doing really, is restricting food. It's good that you want to be healthy and you're not focusing on your weight, but I think doing this could lead to orthorexia, which is where you eat only what's healthy and you have a disordered view on foods. It can easily become an obsession, and I think you're pretty vulnerable right now.

Establishing a healthy relationship with food takes time, and you need to introduce all food types, so that you learn not to see them as a threat. For example, you could eat healthy and treat yourself to a small dessert. Such as a small slice of cake. I know it can be hard and possibly triggering, but a person with a normal diet knows that you won't gain weight if you eat in moderation. Try to focus on eating healthy foods, but don't cut out everything.