Friday, September 24, 1999

How can I (US citizen) and my fiance (Mexican Citizen) move (permanently) to Canada?

Basics of the story: I live in Oregon, my fiance lives in Acapulco. The US is NOT helping us start our life out together. We want to move to Canada, ASAP, permanently. We’ve looked in to the country, and feel it is an incredible place to build a life. We are ready to move there, today.
There are some issues which are making our lives difficult. As with most issues, some are our past errors in life, and some are purely situational. We are two humans, trying to make a life together. We are not perfect. We have made errors. But we both feel we have finally found eachother, and there in, a reason to Try in life. We just want to live. Together. Somewhere we can both be legal, respected, equal citizens.

Here are the negative issues which should be taken into consideration:
-Neither of us have a substantial amount of money
-I have a $17k tax lien w/ the US gov (due to my parents, LONG STORY. I can file Bankruptcy to get rid of this, if it will help our case.)
-My fiance was deported from the US.
-He has a “menace threat” on the records from CA
-He is not fluent in English nor French
-He has not completed the “Matricula Conusular”, I believe that is the equivalent of not finishing High School.

Here are the positives which should be taken into consideration:
-He was in the military for 5 years in Mexico
-He has served in the Police force in Mexico for the greater portion of the last year
-I am bilingual in English & Spanish
-We are both capable and hard workers
-I have worked in the banking/mortgage business for years
-He has experience as a cook for years, in the army, and out
-We are both 100% dedicated to starting anew, and will do whatever it takes to find somewhere which will allow us to do just that, together.

The largest positive, however, is our (cheesiness warning) love for eachother. We want to raise a family. I have been told by lawyers to move to Mexico, if we really want to be together. If no one else follows the news in Mexico, as it rarely reaches English news stations, google Fernando Marti, or, read this article: Crimes of this nature occur all the time. Not to mention the drug conflict is verging on a full blown war in Mexico right now. As a police officer, and part of the military, my fiance knows only too well the realities of a nation at war with its own corruption. And we both know, it is not where we want to start our family.
Any help would be incredibly appreciated. We very much wish to move to Canada, as my family lives in Oregon, US, it would be a 5-6 hour drive for them to visit us. But if Canada will not have us, we are looking into France, Spain, and Italy. We’re just two people, who, like most people, have pasts. But, I love him. And am only asking for the chance, to try. Thanks to anyone who reads this.

Answer on How can I (US citizen) and my fiance (Mexican Citizen) move (permanently) to Canada?

Are you serious? I read your question and think either you're trolling or you're very naive.

OK, I in case you're just naive:

Canada (same as Italy, Spain, France or USA) are sovereign countries, and you need legal papers to live and work over there. You can visit these countries in most cases just crossing the border and presenting your passport, but you need a work permit to be hired and live there.

You need to check immigration websites in these countries and find out what you need to do to qualify to immigration. I know that Canada has a score system. If you have enough scores, you might get entry visa. In any case, it takes year or more.

Mexico might be the best bet for both of you at this time. There are plenty of nice place over there. Plus if your boyfriend committed some crime, all countries would deny him an entry.