Thursday, October 7, 1999

I hate my life and youre the main cause?

Im in love with my brothers bestfriend. He used me and got in my pants. This was after a break up for him. He started being a *** after. This has been effecting me for the last 4 months. Ive been acting diffrent and my moods diff. He has moved back with his 2 ex and are playing them both including me cause last week we messed around AGAIN! Well i had one girl facebook chatting me and the other texting me. I dont want either of them with him. My brother has noticed a change and asked whats wrong and i cant tell him. I just need some help...anyone with advice please email me at Thank you

Answer on I hate my life and youre the main cause?

Stop wasting your time and emotion on a douchebag. Cut the jerk off and stay away from him. Block them all.