Tuesday, October 19, 1999

Help. I need a weight loss plan?

I want to lose about 20 pounds by summer. I know that might seem like a lot, but whatever. I really want to work on my thighs and my abs. I am more of a beginner, so I want it to be fairly easy, but to give me a challenge. I would like to work out about 3 times a week, and I need pictures instead of a video. Thanks. [:

Answer on Help. I need a weight loss plan?

.So start eating better and exercising. If you like to walk "a lot" (2 words) then go walking every day (briskly). You can lose up to 3 lbs/wk in a healthy manner.

If you want to tone thighs and abs, look up ab exercises and thigh exercises online. Crunches and such for your abs, lunges and squats for your legs...some sites will have pictures for you.

Good luck!