Friday, November 19, 1999

Travelling across Europe

My friend and i are planning to travel from Paris across France, along the coast to Italy and then down Italy and ferry to Greece. Were going to travel on bicycle, i just wanted any advice or tips from people who have travelled long distances like this or have visited the countries! im trying to gather information to make my trip as fun and safe as possible.

Answer on Travelling across Europe

I know there is a place in Tuscany where its a road called Chianti road where they have many wineries there to check out, that would be cool.
France is a beautiful country with many small cities to check out. On the highways in France, they have an interesting picture of each city with the significant of that town painted on the sign. So that is a good way to see if you enjoy the city or not. You should have no problem traveling as European drivers are some of the best drivers around. They follow the laws of the road which is a refresher for sure!

Italy, stop over in Cinque Terre, beautiful part of italy on the Italian Riviera. I think it should be on the way down to Greece.

Have fun. Plenty of camp grounds too you can stay in for cheap.