Friday, February 4, 2000

Places to study abroad, only language studied is Latin?

I really want to study abroad to Europe when I'm in college, but I have no idea what country (or countries?) to go to. I've already taken six years of Latin, and by the time I graduate high school I'll have done eight, but that really doesn't help me anywhere but the Vatican City. Should I just go to an English speaking country, or should I try and learn a new language through Rosetta Stone or something? I've always really wanted to go to Italy, but I feel like I'll be totally lost knowing that the only word I can say is "Ciao." Any suggestions? Thanks!

Also, I was talking to my friend about it and she really wants to go too, and by then she'll have taken four years of Spanish in high school. Is that enough exposure to it to be able to navigate her way through Spain?

Answer on Places to study abroad, only language studied is Latin?

Go to Italy. Modern spoken Italian is extremely close to Latin; with only a small amount of linguistic preparation, you will be able to get around just fine. Moreover, most college study abroad programs will offer instruction primarily in English, and will offer classes in the language of the place you visit - so for example, you could simply take Italian I while you are in Italy. After eight years of Latin, you will find it EASY.

Because study abroad programs usually offer their coursework in English, there is no reason you couldn't go to just about any country there is - so if you'd love to go to China, for example, you could do that. But with your Latin skills and your expressed interest in Italy, that is the very obvious choice for you!

Four years of Spanish will be plenty to be able to navigate her way through Spain.