Saturday, February 12, 2000

Can you help me, please?

Hi,I live in Italy and have been offered a live in job in a prestigious hotel near London in Hertforshire.I'm a bit indecisious about getting it or not.On the one hand it might be a way to improve my English and also to get a job given that nowadays here in Italy it's a very bad time for employers.on the other hand I feel a bit scared to move abroad alone and to set up a new life even though it won't be for good because I' would plan to come back here soon or late.
what would you do?
Any good advice is highly appreciated.
Cheers mates.

Answer on Can you help me,please?

Most regrets we have in life are not about things we did - they're about things we didn't do. Sounds like you have a good exciting opportunity. There will be plenty more reasons to not go later on in your life - the time to go is now. Believe me, when you come back, you'll be amazed at how little everything at home has changed, but you will have experienced a whole new world.

If nothing major is holding you back, then go. In a worst case scenario, if things for some reason turn out really horrible in England, you can always quit and go back home. Good luck.