Monday, February 14, 2000


The suns shining and im feeling depressed. Im a size 12 and i feel depressed because im fat. Im an apple shaped women so all my fat goes to my stomach. So i have little thighs and a big stomach. I look pregnant and it really makes me depressed. Please bear in mind that im not obese and i know size 12 is an ok size, but maybe for pear shaped women. Soo on top of this i have PCOS which makes it harder to lose weight. Now the only reason im feeling down is because i want to buy certain clothes but i know it wouldnt look good on me. I want to feel comfortable in my own skin, i want to feel confident in a bikini. forget these models and celebs, i dont want to aspire to be a size 6, i just want a flatter stomach.

I use to be a size 10 and my stomach didnt stick out as much. However, when I do exercise and go on a healthy diet, i end up losing weight on my thighs and arms and my breast, so my stomach looks even worse.

Any tips please? remember i just want to be able to buy nice summer dresses, or wear shorts and a vest top without looking like a lightbulb.

thanks xxx

Answer on FAT AND DEPRESEDD :-(?

You should do exercises aimed at your specific trouble spot. Crunches, leg-ups, cherry-picking etc. Just look up "ab exercises" on Google and you'll get tons.
Also, most people in real life have some kind of trouble area, so you should dress right for your body shape. Wear vertical striped, structured tops to slip down that section. Draw attention to your good areas... legs, arms, shoulders, hair.... whatever you want to emphasize.