Saturday, April 15, 2000

[How to] Send a Mac Pro in Italy?

Hi all.. I have some questions about how to send a Mac Pro to a friend in italy.
I'm from Boston..
1st. How can i avoid the customs duties?(A friend had mentioned something like "to report the package as a gift")
2nd. How much will it cost?
3rd What can he do if the package is damaged? Who to ask for a refund?
4th What if he needs tech assistance? Can he find it in Italian's Apple Stores?

Answer on [How to] Send a Mac Pro in Italy?

I agree with Fraggle, if it's a Mac Pro and not a Macbook, it will cost you far over 100 $
But even for a Macbook you could have to pay something like 60 or 70 $
If you want to send it anyway, you have to choose an insured shipping and your friend here in Italy must check the package before accepting it and if he think it's damaged, he can accept it "con riserva", so you can claim for a refund (to the company that shipped it) if the content is damaged as well.
Marking it as a "gift" is a correct advice, but be aware too many people misused this in order to avoid custom duties even for items that actually were sold, so there can still be some trouble.
As for assistance, your friend can go to an Apple assistance center in Italy; if the warranty is expired, he have to pay for it, obviously.
Even if the item is new, warranty does only last as much as granted by the US warranty (even if inside European Union a minimum of two years is mandatory by law).
He will also need proof of purchase, if warranty is still valid.