Wednesday, June 7, 2000

Why do people hate justin bieber?

Im not a fan, but i dont understand why people hate him so much. Its kinda ridiculous, like hes only a musician.

Answer on Why do people hate justin bieber?

I've answered this question so many times...

It's not him as a person, but he is the culmination of how far mass media has fallen and people are getting sick of it. His music is not good. At all. People only think he's good because the people around them say that he's good. And those people only say that he's good because they think the people around them like him. In other words, Justin Beiber is a bad trend. A fad. People should not be getting famous and making tons of money by being a fad. Pretty soon, Beiber will be completely forgotten. Hopefully, the record companies won't find another Beiber to take his place.