Saturday, June 10, 2000

Am I attractive enough for a girl to consider me?

Like two years ago, me and my friend went to the mall so he can teach me how to flirt. So he introduced me to a chick, and as soon as I said my "hello", she 'excused' herself. And minutes later I saw her flirting with another guy. I could tell he was more attractive than me because he was a metrosexual with blonde hair and blue eyes. My friend asked her why she left me for Mr.Pretty Boy, she said I was too "ugly and creepy". And to this day, I still think it was horrible.

We're gonna try it again either today or tomorrow, and hope I don't get left for a homosexual with a Justin Bieber hair perm. I've come a long way in the looks department, but I know I'll never be as attractive as one of those pretty boys. Because all they have to do is the Captain Morgan pose and they're set!

Answer on Am I attractive enough for a girl to consider me?

You look good! I don't know WHAT that girl was thinking when she said you are ugly and creepy!

I'm sure a girl would consider you.

How else can I prevent UTIs?

I get UTIs constantly, I mean like 2/3 times a month. I have already tried the peeing before and after intercourse trick, I drink diet sodas anyhow so my sugary drink intake is pretty low to begin with. My doctor has tried multiple antibiotics. I am a small person to begin with, 4'11 104 pounds so I may just be doomed. But before giving up hope I thought I would see if anyone else had any ideas. So any tips and tricks or anything that worked for you please feel free to tell me.

Answer on How else can I prevent UTIs?

My friend has this. She told me her doctor said that it was from the sodas she was drinking. Lay off the sodas for awhile and drink some Gatorade or something like that and see if it doesn't help the problem. If not, you might want to go to a doctor.