Thursday, June 22, 2000

How can I find a live-in job in Italy?

I am a college graduate and want to move to Italy. I will come on a three month tourist ticket, but I have no money.
I would like to line up a live-in job.
I am eligible for citizenship by blood, but I do not have all the documents yet.

Answer on How can I find a live-in job in Italy?

you can derive citizenship from an immediate family member if they were born there but very hard and tedious paper work, as for jobs there aren't any you can try to beat all the illegal from the former eastern block and Mideastern arriving daily that work under the table for peanuts, trust me there are no jobs there i have 4 nephews all university graduates and they are jobless are you fluent in Italian??? shouldyou find a job its pay are very low med pay is about 800 euros per month