Saturday, July 15, 2000

What's a perfect diet plan for me.?

I' am 17 years old and really want to lose wieght but it hard for me to go on a diet when my mom is always cooking greasy food I already started exercising but I need the perfect diet plan please any ideas

Answer on What's a perfect diet plan for me.?

Talk to your mom. See if she is willing to eat healthier with you.

No matter what you eat, an easy way to help eat better is the No S Diet. Don’t let the name fool you. It’s more of a sensible eating plan than traditional deprivation diet. No counting point, calories, carbs, etc. Just 3 simple rules.

1. No seconds.
2. No sweets (this includes sodas, energy drinks, and other sweet drinks)
3. Not on S days (weekends and special holidays you can cheat)

The best thing about this is that unlike most traditional diets, it can be followed for you entire life without putting yourself in danger of malnutrition because it doesn’t limit the type of foods you can eat except sweets. Just be sure you don’t overdo it on the weekends and wreck all the good progress you made during the week. You don’t need special foods or to make a big deal around your friends and family.

Some people have #2 as no snacks. I find I get headaches if I don’t eat more frequently. I’ll allow myself a healthy snack of a small piece of fruit or veggies. Just be sure no dressing or peanut butter with it. Studies have shown that it is better to have 3 medium size meals and 2 small snacks rather than just 3 large meals. This helps keep blood sugar more steady. Plus you won’t feel so hungry at meal times.