Wednesday, September 27, 2000

Help me build muscle?(i'm a girl)?

I'm 5'2 and around 100 pounds. I know i'm tiny.. i recently lost alot of weight but did it the wrong way. (i weighed 125) I did too much cardio which took away all my muscle (but i did have fat on me i ate very unhealthy lol).... I'm an athlete (i skate) and i workout quite a bit..I also do plyometrics. i'm going to start weight training a little.I cant hit the gym EVERYDAY because i do have my long skating practices...but i do do abs and leg routines in my room on days i dont go. Also plyometrics once or twice a week. When i go to the gym i do interval runs.. should i lay off the steady cardio? I stick to a healthy diet (oats whole grains low fat yogurts and cottage cheese fruits veggies chicken salmon fishes natural peanut butter etc) well i'm looking for how much should i be eating and what? My coach says peanut butter toast with banana on top is a good pre workout meal to build muscle? What about luna bars? I love these.. are these good? Maybe a luna protein for after a hard workout like plyo? Should i be eating alot more too? Hahaha sorry for all these questions :p i just need to know! thanks :)

Answer on Help me build muscle?(i'm a girl)?

Learn how to squat properly and integrate that more into your routine. For whatever you do in the gym, make sure all the exercises you do work several muscles at once. Squats are probably the best example of that. Also, chin ups, military press, and lunges are helpful. You don't have to go every day and ideally, once you got the form down, you'd probably want to go moderately heavy (something you can only do 5-8 reps of).

As far as eating is concerned, you don't have to eat too too much, instead just gradually eat a little more the next day. ultimately, you'll want to eat more than you burn because that's what builds muscles along with the resistance work in the gym. The foods you mention are great to have.

I probably would lay off the cardio for a bit because you seem to have enough going on as it is.

good luck