Wednesday, November 15, 2000

Is it ok for a cat to thow up several times a week (once a day only?)?

Cat is just over a year old. He's an indoor long hair cat. He was fine up until about 4 months ago and he started thowing up once a week. THen now it's gone up to 4 times a week usually only once and usually in the morning. IN stool see lots of fur sometimes and give laxatone per Vet's orders. He's been to the vet because of it and he has regular stools/eats fine for the most part. His weight is steady (he's over 13lbs---yes he's big but he's a very long cat too and we don't feed him people food or too much). No changes in diet from young age. Vet said if his stools normal and he's eating normal, maintaining weight and he seems normal otherwise it could be furballs or if he's getting into things thowing it up. He does seem after he spits up. SOmetimes spit up is liquidy sometimes it's dry foodl, and few times see fur (not fur balls but bits of fur) but usually in the morning (not always but most cases). Not sure if with long hair cats it's typical. Again I think it's fur balls becasue of the stool and lots of fur in it but don't know for sure.
Anyone have similiar problems?

Answer on Is it ok for a cat to thow up several times a week (once a day only?)?

Yes, long-haired cats are more prone to hairballs and constipation. They need more moisture in their system, but cats typically don't drink a lot of water. My solution is to supplement her dry food with one teaspoon per day of moist food, sometimes two teaspoons (one a.m., one p.m.). However, it is not going to eliminate the throwing up of hairballs, which is normal.