Saturday, January 13, 2001

Is the media fueled by teeny boppers?

I was looking on twitter on who had the most followers and I saw that Oprah and Obama were in the top 20 and of course they are important people , but then i saw justin bieber and selena gomez, and i wondered who the hell in their right mind would care what these two had to tweet about.
Honestly speaking the only people who listen to selena gomez/justin beiber are teeny boppers. so apparently there are 3 million teeny boppers following these two.

my question this why theyre famous? why the media is all over them? because 3 million teeny boppers think theyre great? i highly doubt that a person's level of talent and success can be judged by middle school girls who chew bubblegum and wear pigtails.

honestly. sometimes i feel like the media is one big joke...and the sad american society is forced to laugh along.

Answer on Is the media fueled by teeny boppers?

YES! omg yes! okay, quick swlf intro: i stidy Media- And into the theory of it all now!

Justin Bieber - He was found on the internet with over 3 million fans... Media production conpanies decided if 3 million people were to buy his music- Then the Media would make millions, hes just a tool used by the media to make money... It's nothing in relation to them being talented, it's the fact theyre popular with Teenagers who just happen to like his music.

And as for selena gomez, its the same situation.

The media industry is fueled by all consumers, whereas silly justin bieber pop is fueled by teeny boppers