Friday, January 26, 2001

Why are chocolate advertisements aimed at women?

I'd say men eat more chocolate than women because women are more likely to be concious of their weight, and their diet.
Men don't tend to be bothered about their diets, their weight or what they eat.
Does this contradict the fact that women are targeted by weight loss companies - and this in fact makes them MORE AWARE of their diets? Does this mean that women feel victimised by the society and feel that they can't succeed either way? (because they are told to indulge in chocolate, whilst being pressured by companies to lose weight and/or maintain a slim figure?)
Also, why do most chocolate adverts feature a female speaker? since male voices are used in cleaning commercials (also aimed at women), to suggest authority, and that the female should listen to the male, just BECAUSE he is male?

Answer on Why are chocolate advertisements aimed at women?

Because women tend to eat lots of this very product when they're sad, which apparently is the case most of the time.