Tuesday, March 27, 2001

9th Grade World Geography help Please?

1)Its name is formed by rearanging the letters THSKOOCML._____________
2)Largest city in the country that contains Munich, Bonn, and Hamburg.______________
3)Of the European cities located on the islands, this has the most people._______________
4)It begins with "WA and ends with "AW."_________________
5)Large city in Italy located northwest of Napkes.______________________
6)Body of water that borders Estonia, Lativia, and Lithuania.__________________
7)Sea located west of the Casppian Sea.__________________
8)River that flows through western Germany and into the North Sea.______________

Answer on 9th Grade World Geography help Please?

1. Stockholm
2. Berlin
3. London
4. Warsaw
5. Rome
6. Baltic Sea
7. Black Sea
8. Rhine