Friday, March 30, 2001

Music recommendations (I'm uber picky)?

okay so i want some new music to listen to but i'm really picky. i'm a 14 year old boy BUT i hate 85% of the music most people my age listen to.. no rap it kills me, its just annoying and makes no sense to me..

im a thinker and an artsy person so i like music that gets me thinking and that inspires me. and this is normally really weird stuff. my favorite song is sleepyhead by passion pit, some not all lady gaga music, stereo love i like the beat and the accordion sounds cool. and i like other things like that.

i do like instrumental music...granted its somewhat intense.. nothing to soft slow. for example most of the music in world of warcraft, and in the pirates of the Caribbean movies (sorry if my examples aren't great but that's all i got.)

examples of songs i currently like:
-stereo love
-a few mostly weirder lady gaga songs
-viva la vida

so if you have any music suggestions for me id love to hear them

Answer on Music recommendations (I'm uber picky)?

Mr.brightside by The killers.
Kids by MGMT.
Use somebody by kings of Leon.
First train home by Imogen Heap.
Stolen by dashboard confessional.
requiem for a dream/tower by Clint Mansell.