Sunday, April 29, 2001

A question about America?

If America is an imperialistic nation and populated by a Godless, money-hungry people then why haven't the following countries been subjugated? Mexico, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Spain, Germany, Japan, Italy, Grenada, Afghanistan and Iraq? Gas would be 30 cents per gallon and life would be great! Instead, America has helped all of these former enemies (or is trying to help them) to become modern, industrialized and humane.

Just looking for serious answers only. In other words...if you believe America is evil, then tell me the logic which leads you to this conclusion.

Answer on A question about America?

Think of it this way.If your all alone in a school yard and a bully invites you to hang around his space,that would be advantageous ,pay him back with some lunch money and and he is happy.The same applies with the states,it started internally with one state to another and expanded just like the Roman empire.I think America has no choice to do so or else someone else will ."LOOK OUT FOR CHINA".