Tuesday, May 15, 2001

Why EXACTLY do so many people claim they "hate" Bieber?

aight so i just so this clip on youtube with justin bieber at a knicks game and as soon as his face popped up on the screen at the top of the stadium the whole crowd boos? Really uh 17 y/o child who's JUST makin music? and then when i see people explain to why they hate him on the internet it's always some dumb *** excuse like "because he has a bunch of preteen fans who don't matter" and "he's killing music". like real shyt he's 17 and i doubt that anyone throwin so much hate towards a child like that would be able to take so much of that negativity if they were in his shoes so dude has to have a tough interior.

i'm not even a huge fan don't get me wrong i like some of his songs and if you feel like you're actually doin the right thing by booing uh child yall need some therapy. All i'm sayin is "hate" is a strong word to throw at anybody, especially a 17 year old child who's only tryin to make music i mean what is dude supposed to do? I mean no matter who you are, a million shots taken out on you day by day is gonna hurt no matter how tough you think you are, shyt like that'll hurt anybody i just think people need to grow up and let em live his life, what do yall think?

Answer on Why EXACTLY do so many people claim they "hate" Bieber?

Jealousy from guys, plain and simple- how typical. A young ego sees this guy get more girls from walking on the street than he could his whole life chasing skirts and it angers him. And he isn't overrated; I don't even like him and I know this! Overrated means people constantly say how attractive/talented/etc. he is, and who says that, again...? Oh right, no one.and if anyone says "UHM BUT LYKEEE HIS FANGIRLZ DO SO THEREEE", uh, no.

He has bad taste in girls (Kim Kardashian), an dmaybe he is a bit full of himself but what rich pop singer isn't? Please, Lady Gag-me and Feminem have the ugliest, darkest personalities and NO TALENT at ALL to speak of yet they are worshipped and this kid is treated like Hitler (like Rebecca Black too, who did even less wrong than Beiber)?!? Wow, what a SCREWED UP society we are...