Saturday, May 26, 2001

Grammar help! Thank you.?

"Times have changed and times are strange"
Why is it used times HAVE changed and not times ARE changed?
What type of verb is "Have changed"? Present perfect tense?
There's a mass of confusion in my head!!!

Thank you from Italy!

Answer on Grammar help! Thank you.?

First of all, you are right. "Have changed" is in the present perfect tense; and that pretty much answers your question too. The present perfect tense is used to describe events that have only recently been completed. You can say: "Times 'are' changing" or even "Times change", which are in the present continuous and simple present tenses respectively. But since "changed" is in the past tense(that is, the change has already taken place), you'll have use "have".

Hope this clears your doubts.