Wednesday, June 6, 2001

Barbie fancy dress ideas????????

I'm turning 18th and its fancy dress for my bday,
someone on yahoo just told me to go as barbie,
question 1. Is this a good Idea?
question 2. How do I do it?

Links make up and hair tips would be great

I'm 5'7 blonde
pics of me…
jst keep goin there loads of pics

Answer on Barbie fancy dress ideas????????

Ok well i'm guessing you have blonde hair lol, wear your hair down and straight.
PINK! definetly a pink outfit needed. something short, but if you don't wanna show too much leg maybe wear tights or leggigs.
Pink false nails, or if you do not like false nails then polish will do fine.
this video is really good for your makeup, she uses a wig in the video, obviously if you have blonde hair it is not needed. Your makeup won't have to be exactly the same, but this is some cool ideas!…

I couldn't find many links for clothing.
Maybe wear w short white dress, with a long pink necklace and maybe pink lace at the top or bottom.
Or a sparkly blue dress, barbie does not only wear pink.
Or maybe purple and pink, matching them two colors together will look a lot like barbie!

So sorry some of the pictures are of barbie herself!! it was hard finding pictures of people...
But maybe wear something similar to what Barbie wears in this picture…

something like this picture below would look a lot like barbie, maybe wear a dress or top that has Barbie written on it.…

Happy 18th Birthday!
Have a great party.

EDIT - - get a spray tan, but don't make it orange that will look bad! Barbie has a nice glowing tan look, she is far from orange, but it is good to get a LIGHT tan for this occasion ! :)